The Welsh Singer

We watched and heard the Welsh male voice choir practice in the Llandovery Castle Hotel, it was brilliant and a lifetime memory which has very little to do with this engine but there was a charity junk shop near to that hotel that had a sad looking Singer sewing machine on sale for £5 which just had to be bought as a source of useful bits.

Back in the den having reduced it to a heap of stuff I realised precious little of it in any way lent itself to an engine project but it did have a good solid steel base and a lovely flywheel.This engine asked to be kept small and simple so my mind latched on to the idea of a single cylinder oscillator with a fabricated crank and all to be viewed from the original ‘front’ of the sewing machine.

I didn’t set this one up for steaming as I felt the vast amounts of water and oil necessary would probably mess up the wooden base. It runs ok on low pressure air.

YouTube video link:

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