Musings late 2020

Opting to use compressed air in place of steam has freed me from safety concerns but it’s painting with water colour rather than oils. Although it’s less dramatic lacking the heat and smell, all the engines still have full steam propulsion capability.
Tin Pan Ali has a fake boiler and I don’t mind, in fact it’s closer to my original thinking of assembling interesting junk with a common theme.
The advent of CNC around 1980 heralded big changes in the design and construction of machine tools and one important improvement was the incorporation of ball screws and linear ball tracks, practically eliminating the backlash present in all leadscrews and vastly reducing the friction in close fitting slideways. They are amazing and I just had to somehow work a couple of ball tracks into the ‘Tin Pan Ali’ engine.
Note the sliding bar…

Moving on into 2021
I’ve found a vintage hand drill with an interesting gearbox in my collection of old tools. It’s crying out to become the heart of a great 2021 project!

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