And this is where I log my thoughts?

This covid lock down has ended my supply of car boot sale junk and I’ve run out of utilisable stuff in the workshop and rusting in the garden. Ebay has been a life saver but good wampum (beads and shiny things used to trade with natives) is costly.

This week I ordered a new cast iron cooking pan to use upside down as the base for the engine in progress.

I miss Bryn Hynog farm it was a treasure trove of amazing junk and Bryn was always keen to find bits for me, when I needed some round steel he wagged up with a tempered steel lorry half shaft. Tough to machine! when we left Wales I traded rust and mud for stainless and salty water.

It’s tempting to use more modern metals despite my preferring good old fashioned mild steel. Decent chunks are not easily found and I keep an eye out for anything that can be repurposed, In desperation I once made a pulley out of a sledge hammer head.

Rubbish skips are always a great source of interesting items and I find it difficult to keep out of some.

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